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Some agents reporting problems with policy upload - 02/18/2014

Some agents are reporting problems with apps that were uploaded yesterday (Monday, February 17th) and today (February 18th). Some apps that were successfully uploaded may appear as "Not Uploaded." We are currently working to resolve this. If you believe you have a policy that may be affected by this system problem, please notify Customer Support immediately at 1-800-252-5233.

Prospective agents and brokers - Get a sample quote - 09/08/2010

Prospective agents and brokers can click here to use our Guest Account to get a sample quote. Because this is a guest account, please remember to print your quote because you can't save one until you're appointed. Classic Collectors is 100% dedicated to the independent agency channel. When you're ready to join our team, just click here and follow the instructions to get an appointment.

Introducing Drive-to-Work Coverage! - 09/06/2010

If your client wants to drive their collectible vehicle to work occasionally--no problem! You can now offer Drive-to-Work (DTW) coverage in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Wyoming. Here's how:

For New Business: Just prior to uploading new business, in the Notes to Infinity section of our rater, leave us a message requesting the extra coverage, then upload the application. For multi-vehicle policies, be sure to list the vehicle(s) for which you're requesting the coverage. Coverage will be endorsed and a bill generated for the additional premium will be mailed to the insured.

For Existing Policies: Available via endorsement by calling Customer Service at 800)252-5233.

Vehicle Value Restrictions: For policies with no modified or exotic vehicles listed, the total policy vehicle values must exceed $10,000. For policies with modified or exotic vehicles listed, the total policy vehicle values listed must exceed $25,000. Note: "Total policy vehicle values" means the sum of all the vehicle values listed on the policy.

A 15% surcharge will apply to vehicles in the antique, classic and modified classes, 20% for Exotics. The surcharge will be applied to the total liability premium and to the physical damage premium of the specific vehicle for which DTW is applied. For multi-car policies, this means DTW doesnt apply to all vehicles, only to those for which the coverage is added. Classic Collectors Drive-to-Work coverage covers commuting to and from school or work for up to 30 days during the annual policy term.

Stay tuned! We expect to introduce Drive-to-Work coverage in other states where DOI approval is pending.

Earn 20% new business commission with Classic Collectors! - 07/19/2010

Earn more $$$ with a leader in new business commission for collectible car insurance! Our base commission for agents and brokers in all states is 20% for new business and 10% for renewals.

80% Ease of Use Upgrade - 06/17/2009

We're taking ease of selling Classic business to a whole new level!

Effective Immediately!

  1. No more DEC pages!*
  2. No more state supplemental forms! (you keep 'em)

With Uploaded Apps, Just Send Us:

  1. Vehicle photo(s)
  2. Payment
  3. Modified worksheet (modified vehicles only)

We'll do the underwriting. Only on very rare occassions will we write back for more information.



No Inflationary Increase - 03/13/2009

In recognition of the current economic environment, we have turned off the inflationary adjustment to vehicle values. This means renewals will be the same price as last year!