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How is your policy so much less expensive than my "regular" auto policy?

Our customers are meticulous about their vehicles, and take extreme caution when driving and storing their "babies". Some measures often taken are not leaving the vehicle unattended for long periods, keeping a fire extinguisher aboard, and being careful on who has access to the vehicle. Our customers also have good driving records, conservative driving habits, and have other vehicles for daily transportation.

All of the above add up to a low frequency of claims, and over 20 years of stable rates for our policyholders.

See Eligibility for additional information.

Why is Agreed Value Coverage so important?

Agreed Value guarantees that in the event of a total loss, we will pay you the full amount of coverage listed on your policy for your vehicle. Depreciation and subjective valuation on your vehicles is eliminated.

The concept is simple - if your vehicle is insured for $15,000, and it is totaled by a covered peril, you receive $15,000 minus any deductible, if applicable.

Many insurers sell what is called "Stated Value" policies, which is inferior protection. This coverage states you will receive "up to" the value listed for the vehicle in a total loss, but does not guarantee the full amount will be paid.

How can I drive my vehicle?

Pleasure driving is allowed in our program. You are not restricted to parades, car shows, and club events like other programs. We encourage you to enjoy your vehicle.

However, we ask that you are prudent in not exposing your vehicle to theft and vandalism by not leaving it unattended for extended periods of time, such as in a parking lot, or parked on the street for hours.

Our policy does not permit business use, commuting to work or school, using the vehicle for back-up transportation, or track events of any kind. Usage is also subject to an annual mileage maximum. Your vehicles insured by our program must also be kept in a fully enclosed locked garage when not in use.

How do I get coverage started?

Producers may upload fully completed applications via this site. Applications may also be mailed or faxed in.

Note: You have no coverage until notified by Infinity Insurance or your authorized producer.

I need coverage right away - can you help me?

Call Customer Service at 1-800-252-5233 for immediate assistance with getting coverage started.

Will you accept digital photos of my vehicles?

Yes, provided they are clear, recent images. They can be emailed to classiccollectors@ipacc.com.

Are there other payment options?

If the annual premium is over $1000, we offer installments after a required down payment. Otherwise, we ask for payment in full. Another option is to pay by Visa, Master Card, or American Express.

What if I insured my car for $X amount and then do additional restorations; can I get my value increased?

Yes, you can request an increase to the vehicle value at any time throughout the policy term provided that you supply the Company with written proof of the restoration efforts. Recent photos are also required.