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Placing business with Classic Collectors

Get a Quote with ONELINK EXPRESS Web Rater

  • Ensure that you already have your user ID and password. (If you are not appointed with our program, you will be able to log-on as a visitor by clicking "Quote without a User ID (Classic Collectors Only)". See the "Producer Area" section of our website to learn how to become a Classic Collectors producer.
  • Visit www.classiccollectors.com and click "Get a Quote".
  • Log into Infinity's ONELINK EXPRESS web rater.
  • Complete the rating / eligibility information.
  • You can print, email, store and later retrieve quotes for application uploading.

Applying for Coverage

  • Complete or retrieve a previously saved quote.
  • Print your quote, application and supplemental forms for your customers review, completion and signature. The quote and application forms can also be saved as a PDF file for emailing to your customers.
  • Once customer signature and payment is obtained, complete the online Driver (Step One) and Vehicle (Step Two) information screens.
  • After completing the application pages, you will be directed to the "Final Sale" page to select the applicable payment option (see below), and have the ability to revise the coverage selections. Please note: to insure quote accuracy, the "rate" button must be selected following any changes to the coverage options.
  • Please indicate any details that will expedite the processing of your submission in the "Notes" section.
  • Submit your application electronically by selecting the "Upload" button. You will be asked to confirm your understanding of our program eligibility rules prior to transmission.
  • Upon successful transmission of your application, you will be provided an upload confirmation message and policy number.
  • Coverage is bound once the application is successfully uploaded and upload is confirmed.
  • Vehicle photos and scanned documents can also be uploaded (.jpg format only).
  • Temporary pre-filled ID cards can be printed on our site.
  • Supplemental information we require prior to policy issuance (can be uploaded, emailed or sent via "regular" mail):
    • Recent color photos showing all 4 sides of the vehicle (photos of the engine and interior are required on Modified / Street Rod Submissions). Include bed area photos for truck submissions.
    • Declarations page copy of daily use vehicle insurance policy for the named insured showing the coverages carried on all vehicles. Proof of "drive other car coverage" is required if the regular use vehicles are insured under a commercial policy. ID cards are not acceptable.

New business Tips

  • Include the policy number on anything not provided to us via upload (fax, email, mail), which may include applications, checks, photos, declarations pages and supplemental forms.
  • Uploaded applications will be canceled pro-rata if the required supplemental information is not submitted or is ineligible.
  • The original application and any state required supplemental forms are to be kept at your office and are subject to audit.
  • Applications that cannot be uploaded require the entire application be submitted via mail or fax to the company and are bound upon underwriting approval.

Payment options

  • Agent Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Call our customer service unit for additional information.
  • Credit Card: We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and American Express).
  • Check or Money Order: Checks or Money orders must be sent to our customer service unit along with any necessary forms. The check / money order should be made payable to "Infinity Insurance Company".
  • E-Check: Requires the applicants Bank Routing and Account Number. The name on the checking account must match the named insured.
  • Payment installment options are available in selected states.


Most endorsements can be easily handled over the phone with some exceptions such as adding a vehicle where photos are required. Call our customer service unit for more information.

Policy Output

All policies are direct billed to the customer. Policies are mailed to both the agent and directly to the insured.


Are paid monthly. Do not net commissions out of your premium payments. Commission statements can be viewed online at www.infinityagents.com.