Flexible Usage Plans Featuring "Live and Let Drive"

Classic Collectors can offer lower rates than most regular auto insurance because we recognize the care with which our customers treat their collectible vehicles. We can offer even deeper discounted rates if you can tell us more about how much you use your collectible.

Antiques, Classics and Modified Vehicles
  • Unlimited Mileage Plan*
    So your car's not a trailer queen? At Classic Collectors, we understand how much fun it can be to take a trip cross-country. If you didn't buy or build your car just to leave it in the garage, then this is the plan for you. There are no mileage restrictions. We only ask that you follow the normal usage guidelines.
  • 6,000 Mile Plan*
    If you normally stay a little closer to home, we'll discount your rate below the unlimited mileage plan. With 500 miles a month, you won't need a trailer to haul your baby to as many regional, state and local shows as you want.
  • 1,200 Mile Plan*
    If you own a collection of cars, a trailer queen, or just don't get the chance to drive your collector car as much as you'd like, our 1,200 Mile Plan might be the right fit for you. This plan offers a rate that is virtually unbeatable by other insurance providers.
Exotics and Kits
Mileage plans for Exotics and Kits are 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 miles.

*Unlimited mileage plan does not apply to Exotic and Kits.